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Gaynor Minden - Sculpted Pointe Shoes

Gaynor Minden - Sculpted Pointe Shoes

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For a pointe shoe to look, feel, and function just right it must be fitted just right.   We offer a fitting service that lets every dancer obtain that professional, customised fit.  To book your next fitting please contact us via
phone: 03 5941 5713 or email:

Gaynor Mindens last 3-6 times longer than traditionally made pointe shoes. The parts that provide support for the dancer, the shank and toe box, are made from advanced flexible polymers. These are modern materials, not the 19th century paste and cardboard construction found in most other brands.

The buoyant support that you feel in the new shoe will remain the same throughout its life; that’s why it’s so important to select a stiffness that feels perfectly broken in when new — they do not soften with use. FIVE stiffness options for stock shoes.

The polymers are a type of synthetic material prized for extraordinary flexibility, strength, and resilience. They are neither rubber nor fiberglass. The ones we use are also found in medical devices such as prosthetics, and in a wide range of athletic equipment. Gaynor Mindens have been tested to withstand hundreds of thousands of relevés without any weakening or deformation of the shank or box. They can actually help promote correct alignment. Shanks are pre-arched for better support and a prettier line. However, the dancer must still work her feet in moving through the demi-pointe position.

Gaynor Mindens are lined with genuine Poron® Performance Cushioning.  Poron is a cellular urethane foam, found in the best athletic shoes, that can absorb significant impact even when only 1/16” to 1/8” thick — no comparison to cheap latex or EVA foams. Also unlike other cushions, it does not “bottom out”; it always rebounds to its original state of resilience. We place different densities of Poron in different areas. A light density, 1/16” layer is directly underneath the entire length of your foot for all-around comfort and shock absorption. An additional, medium density cushion is underneath your heel to protect it and to ensure that you never feel the edge of the shank. Instead of pleats, high density impact (and noise!) reducing materials are underneath the toes, so landing from jumps is as quiet and fluid as possible.

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